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Telepsychiatry, also called telepsych, is a subspecialty of telemedicine which allows for the delivery of mental health care through videoconferencing. What exactly does that mean? That means that while Bright Futures Psychiatry is located in Colorado Springs, our clients can reside anywhere within the state of Colorado.

We recognize some of the greatest barriers to obtaining mental health care are busy schedules, commute times to and from appointments, and accessing a provider due to the profound shortage of mental health providers. Telepsychiatry offers a great opportunity to cut through these barriers and greatly enhance access to care.

The electronic health record Bright Futures Psychiatry utilizes provides an easy to use platform that simply requires clicking a link to open the video conference. The video conference is HIPAA compliant and offers a safe and confidential environment from the convenience and comfort of your home, office, or location of your choosing.

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