Self-Induced Suffering and How to Stop It

January 16, 2023 /

The experience of being human comes with it a daily balancing act of external forces that are often out of our control (e.g. bad drivers on the highway, politics, family emergencies) and the internal forces at work in our minds (e.g. feelings, reactions, thoughts, choices). Sometimes we are consciously unaware of these interactions between the…

Woman in Surgical Mask Holding small sign that says "What Now?"Coping Skills for Reintegration Post Covid-19

Coping Skills for Reintegration Post Covid-19

May 14, 2020 /

What can we expect post Covid-19? The Corona Virus has created substantial distress within our society, communities, and family dynamics. Many individuals feel the struggle of losing employment,  experiencing financial strain, assisting their children with e-learning, decreased social interactions, increased conflict within the home, adult children returning home, military movements being delayed, and the death…