Registered Medical Assistant (RMA)

Positions Available: 1
Job Classification: Full-Time and Part-Time (Hourly)
Pay Scale: DOE

Job Description:

This position is responsible for checking in patients, assisting providers with medical procedures, assisting with medical supply inventory, collecting lab specimens, and assisting with front desk operations as needed.

Assist in the smooth operation of the office according to clinic policies and procedures, state and federal regulations and other regulatory requirements.  Assist with the coordination of systems and procedures in the office so that patients are treated appropriately.  Closely monitor billing and compliance to minimize errors in patient documentation.

Perks: Flexible schedule (Monday thru Saturday) where you will be a valued team member Pt to FT.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Position Responsibilities include the following.  Some of these responsibilities may not be your primary duties.  They will be assigned as necessary by the Office Manager.  However, you should be trained on all the following responsibilities by your first anniversary with the company.  Other duties may be assigned as necessary.  All tasks and responsibilities assigned are expected to be performed professionally and in accordance with company policy and procedures.



  • Answer incoming telephone calls and respond to questions and requests, or direct calls appropriately and professionally
  • Call patients who have missed appointments to reschedule and record information in the patient’s chart appropriately
  • Call new patients to remind them of their initial evaluation the day before their appointment
  • Make follow up calls from weekly chart reviews or when requested



  • Ensure all forms are replenished as necessary to ensure smooth and efficient operation of clinic activities
  • Open/close office daily, turning on/off lights and office equipment. Check answering machine and all emails
  • Maintain proper inventory levels for the office.



  • Receive referrals over the phone, fax or over the counter, following company policy and guidelines as defined in the Office Assistant Training Manual
  • Request and document all information required before the initial evaluation, for the purpose of insurance verification and RMT registration
  • Enter information into RMT accurately, following guidelines in the Office Assistant Training Manual



  • Schedule patients according to clinic policy and therapist preference as defined by the Clinic Director
  • Follow all guidelines for cancellations, no-shows and reschedules as outlined in the Office Assistant Training Manual



  • Greet and direct patients, salespeople, and visitors according to policy and procedures
  • Check in all patients in RMT Scheduling in a timely manner, so that the therapist has access to the patient documentation from their work queue.
  • Check in/out patients according to office policy and procedures



  • Contact insurance companies to verify the patient’s eligibility and insurance benefits information and record the information in the patient’s chart
  • Enter all insurance information into RMT accurately, following the guidelines in the Office Assistant Training Manual
  • Send all information required or requested to the insurance companies for the purpose of certification or authorization
  • Conduct insurance consultations with new patients or as needed to explain their benefit information obtained
  • Maintain and track patient visits while gaining authorizations if additional visits are needed in a timely manner
  • Conduct chart reviews to ensure all patient benefits are verified and/or updated as necessary
  • Perform follow-up actions on insurance issues noted during weekly therapist chart reviews
  • Comply with PFS to send notes as requested for billing/insurance purposes for proper claim submittal in a timely manner
  • Review patient charts regularly to ensure all visits are authorized and necessary documentation is within the chart


  • Calculate and collect patient payments accurately and professionally
  • Direct all billing office questions regarding financial matters accurately and professionally
  • Ensure that all over-the-counter payments are accounted for and handled with accuracy and deposited in a timely manner
  • Count and balance petty cash and patient payments daily according to clinic policy
  • Track all credit card transactions, sending the report to accounts payable when required
  • Professionally conduct patient insurance consultations
  • Enter all payment arrangements into RMT patient comments after all insurance consultations for the purpose of PFS account follow-up.


  • Check overall orderliness and completeness of charts and forms when checking in patients
  • Log all applicable patient communication within the patient’s chart in the required space
  • Track patient attendance daily within the patient’s chart and on required reports
  • Compile patient charts with all patient questionnaires for new patients filed in the required locations
  • Gather information from patients on intake forms provided ensuring completeness of all answers
  • File all paperwork according to policies and procedures of clinic accurately and in a timely manner
  • Check patient charts to ensure scripts/referrals are current and/or 700-701’s are signed and updated
  • Ensure completeness of all forms
  • Chart review discharged charts finding discrepancies and informing the therapist involved to correct the deficiencies found
  • Complies with PFS to send notes as requested for billing/insurance purposes for proper claim submittal in a timely manner.

Interaction with other associates:

  • Interact with all clinic and company associates in a professional manner.  Interact with clinical, clerical and billing office staff on a daily basis.

Requirements & Conditions

High school graduate or GED


Associates in this position are required to act and look professional and possess good communication skills, exceptional phone etiquette, the ability to function calmly under stress, good public relation skills, decision-making skills and be able to multi-task

Candidate must be proficient in the following front office duties:

  • Impeccable organization, customer service, and communication skills
  • Checks in patients prior to seeing medical provider
  • Obtains accurate vital signs and notes in EHR prior to seeing medical provider
  • Obtains lab specimens and notifies providers when results received
  • Assists with clinic inventory
  • Answers phone and schedules appointments
  • Ability to multi-task multiple projects at a given time
  • Ability to work independently

Bright Futures Psychiatry is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.