About Bright Futures Psychiatry

Bright Futures Psychiatry was created to meet the increasing need for access to mental health care. In 2017, one in five adults with a mental illness reported they were unable to attain the treatment they needed, citing lack of available providers and lack of (or inadequate) insurance as the top two reasons. Even more staggering, over 50% of adults with a mental illness received NO treatment. While access to mental health care has slowly improved over the years, a 3% improvement since 2011 is not quick enough.

Bright Futures Psychiatry specializes in comprehensive mental health treatment in Colorado Springs, offering therapy for depression and a leading TMS center in Colorado. Our services cater to individuals and families, spanning all ages, with a particular emphasis on children and adolescents. Our dedicated mission is to deliver personalized care aimed at enhancing the mental wellness and overall quality of life for every patient. With a strategic focus on TMS therapy, alongside addressing conditions such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and ADHD, we aim to expand our TMS patient base while providing holistic support across various mental health needs.


Bright Futures Psychiatry

Bright Futures Psychiatry chose the hummingbird as our logo because it symbolizes enjoyment of life. It is also associated with resiliency, swiftness, being more present, and playfulness. The hummingbird is the perfect symbol of what we hope our clients gain in their lives.

Our Mission:

Bright Futures Psychiatry aims to provide compassionate, prompt, and reliable mental health care to improve the mental health of each client through the integration of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and mental wellness education.